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A fresh approach towards website templating

Code websites you need in minutes instead of hours and days - desktop & mobile ready.

An Open Source Initiative and released under the MIT License

Get rid of messy web templates and choose only what you want

WeboMojo is a fresh templating platform carefully developed to only include what matters. Built on top of Bootstrap framework, making it easy for everyone to use and maintain it on any technology. All of our components are ready to go and easy to use.

Our hand made web components are highly customizable and you can use it just by copy pasting it.

We've developed all components with mobile first approach also you have 100% control over your content.

Our components are simple and offer great value to any kind of business. We're sure that you will love it.

With WeboMojo, you can..

Build prototypes rapidly and all of our components are production ready.

Create whatever you need - cool components for sites, landing pages and mobile apps.

Use as many components without worrying about the page load speed.

Streamline all your source code instead of messing it around.

Do whatever you want, either use it on commercial or personal projects without worries.

and much more..

Currently we're also working on Mojo Charts - a simple open-source HTML5 charts library

Try us, you will surely love the WeboMojo experience

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